Tart Toast

This one is vegetarian, I have changed to eating anythingI feel like, foodwise, again

Pop bread crusts – end of bread into toaster. Prepare fresh strawberries.

Once toast is made, spread Nuttela or a similar nut and chocolate spread, or make your own!

Then add organic raspberry jam or another similar berry jam, you may find it best to keep it simple.

Then add strawberries! Mmmmm!



Samantha Aungle



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Recipe 37. Vegan Winter Vegie Soup

Winter vegies – organic. I used Swede, rather soft and sweet, parsnip, potato, carrot

Green lentils – no need to soak these ones, just cook in 35 mins or so

Aminos Liquid – my new favourite salty addition, I also spray it on rice cake snacks with avocado and dulse and org tomato sauce

Dulse flakes – B12 and many other good things, although I still take a daily supplement of B complex including B12

Brown Rice

Filtered water

Daikon – Aminos Liquid soaked – fermented in glass container in fridge for a week or so

Miso – brown rice



Simply add to a large pot – I used my trusty old favourite, the rice cooker and started with the rice and water in the pot. Then added the vegies and lentils. Cooked til it was done then adding the miso in a mug, about a tablespoon and stirring in with the hot soup liquid. Add miso into each soup bowl.


Add sliced daikon, miso, spray a bit of aminos liquid and serve!



Samantha Aungle


Fish fertiliser a concern for Vegans?

When researching growing my own fresh vegetables and herbs and fruits, I realised that is a common and popular thing for people to use fish based or marine based fertiliser. Sometimes it is included with seaweed fertiliser.


How many farmers sell to Coles, or Woolworths in Australia these vegetarian and vegan friendly foods, as we have assumed? And also what about your lunch, the vegan friendly salad wrap with a felafel? Or your thai vegan dinner?


Does my rocket and chickpea snack contain fish within the salad leaves? Being a nutrient, you would think it is also somehow part of the plant, going through the veins of the leaves.


I’ve just about done enough wandering about it, and am going to ensure my own homegrown organic seeds in organic potting mix with organic seaweed fertiliser and organic mulch will be free of any hint of tainting of fish or marine products!


I don’t currently have the internet credit to explore this issue more fully, but I will report back once I have gathered more information and I will also endeavour to ferret out more at the Organic fresh food supplier.



Samantha Aungle

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Recipe 36. Vegan Peach and Cointreau Pastry

mix of apple juice concentrate – the thick liquid sweetener

organic self raising flour

filtered water

tinned peaches in natural juice



organic shredded coconut

olive or other oil – maybe apricot oil would be a good fruity match

Add oil to a baking dish of your choice. I used a loaf pan, although you can of course use whatever you like.

Heat oven to 170 approximate degrees celcius.

Mix all other ingredients together in a large bowl. Add fruit too!

Then add to your baking dish.

Cook until browned on the top, mine turned out quite soft and mushy! Yumm! Not dry and flaky!


Samantha Aungle


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Recipe 35. Vegan Garlic Bread

baguette or long bread sticks

garlic flakes

garlic- raw, chopped fine

sage leaves

oils such as avocado oil, olive oil – i try to make them organic


Simply heat oven to about 150 celcius.

Add toppings to halved bread

Heat until warmed and smelling lovely!



Samantha Aungle


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Recipe 34. 5 Second Cherry Sweet

Black Cherries – washed

Soy Cream Cheese

Apple Concentrate – the type you find in a glass bottle in health food section

Get a small glass or other suitable container.

Spoon Soy cream cheese into glass, then pour a little apple concentrate over the top. Add cherries. Serve!

So easy!


Samantha Aungle



Recipe 33. Daikon and Tempeh Simplicity

Daikon – raw and whole, soaked in tamari sauce or similar for a week or more to ferment. The chopped into pieces ready to eat

Organic Tempeh Slice – frozen – left to defrost for a little bit.

Organic Tahini

Dulse Flakes

White Pickled Ginger

Organic Tamari – little dash or a few drops


The Tempeh is cooked in avocado oil or a nice oil in a heavy saucepan either side, then each side again if you want to ensure it is fully cooked through, especially if frozen.

Then you just add the other ingredients to serve. Plus Flaxseed Oil in a small amount once served. I added a tiny sprinkle of Flaxseed meal too. I think I also added a little oatmeal stuff – it looks like flour almost.

Yummy breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. Or even a snack if you are really hungry.



Samantha Aungle


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